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Diamond Data Solutions can offer your business qualified, high quality hotkey leads, directly to you.

The brilliant thing with hotkey leads, is that all the consumers are pre-qualified to meet your criteria and are ready to discuss their needs so with such a well qualified hotkey lead, you can often close the lead within minutes of the consumer expressing an interest in your product or service. All of our hotkey leads are generated by dedicated and experienced agents working on your behalf. We can even introduce our calls on behalf of your company, so that if a call turns into a hotkey, your target consumer will already be familiar with the company they are going to be dealing with.

Our aim is to provide you with high quality leads whilst meeting your quantity expectations.

Our hotkey leads also come with a conference facility so we can re-confirm the criteria with you before you accept the lead.

All hotkeys are tailor made and bespoke to your business requirements.

For more information about this service, please contact one of our highly experienced business development managers on
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