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Trust Deeds HotKeys

Diamond Data Solutions is approached by hundreds of consumers who are seeking consultants to help them with their finances.

We currently provide Trust Deed Hot Keys for our Scottish clients

Delivered by live telephone transfer with Conference

  • How much unsecured debt do you have? 7.5k + Only- as mentioned a trustCLIENT deed can be opened with £7.5k+ DEBT
  • Are you struggling with your debt?
  • How many creditors do you have? 2+ Only
  • MDI Survey (Income/Rent/Mortgage/Utilities/£150 GLC= MDI Unsecured)
  • Are you Employed/Self Employed/Lifelong benefits? Yes Only
  • Are you in an Trust Deed plan? No Only
  • Where do you live? Scotland Only
  • Do you have time to talk now? Yes Only
  • Are you a home owner or tenant? This does not matter
  • Are you interested in an Trust deed ? Yes Only
  • Are you under the age of 65? Yes Only
  • Do you have more equity in your property than unsecured debt? No Only

For more information about this service, please contact one of our highly experienced business development managers on
0161-820-3935 or let them contact you. Live chat

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