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I have used Diamond Data amongst numerous other lead providers and have found them to supply leads which are a great value for money.

Though they do not convert at the same rates as certain PPC leads, they are much cheaper and provided they are worked hard, I have found them to produce a better return on capital invested and I will therefore continue to use them and recommend them to other Protection Brokers.

These leads would be ideal to brokers who have a team that 'qualify' leads before it goes to a broker.

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I work for an Insolvency Practice and are provided with debt leads by Diamond Data. Having been in the industry for many years I am sadly well aware of companies which promise the earth which invariably fall short, which as a purchaser means a loss of money but importantly a waste of valuable time on clients who are 'unqualified' and not interested, which reduces the time I have to deal with people who actually want my help.

I had the good fortune to come across Diamond Data in the early days of their operation, and can honestly say that the leads provided are of the best quality - they have been 'qualified' they care about where they gather their information from, so that purchasers such as myself, obtain the best of quality leads.

I have around an 80% success rate with the leads I obtain, which from an industry perspective is a pretty high conversion rate, but importantly to me and our business ethic, it means I get to talk to people who actually want help, and importantly I am able to help them.

I find their Customer Support Team excellent and always available to chat through any problems I have incurred, and importantly work they with me to ensure I am able to optimise the data available.

I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking to purchase leads in this highly competitive market place, but hopefully not to too many of my competitors!


The team at Diamond Data Solutions are knowledgeable, professional and great to work with! I highly recommend their services and plan to work with them regularly!! Sara

Having set up my own IVA company recently, I have been receiving leads from Diamond Data Solutions for the last four months and I have been extremely happy with the service provided. When I met Luke, from day one he has delivered what promised and I plan to increase the number of leads once I get my number of employees increased. The conversion of packed out IVA's is so far at 68% of which is a very high success rate. Thanks again Luke and your team. Darren

We always struggled to source good leads. We worked with lots of different data companies and things were always up and down until someone recommended I speak to Diamond Data. They are the most innovative and client friendly data company I have worked with to date. It's not run of the mill services which are the same as everyone else but there's a lot more creative options to help me get the results I wanted. Diamond introduced me to voice broadcasting, something I'd never tried before. This really helped generate the big input of hot leads I needed without spending lots of money. This has helped me grow my business and I'm happy to share my success with Diamond. I would definitely recommend Diamond to anyone sick of shopping around for data. Mohammed

I have worked with Diamond Data for over 6 months now and have never been let down. Leads have been provided on time and without fail everyday to the quality that was promised. I would recommend anyone looking for data or Hotkeys to contact Diamond Data. Mike

Diamond have given us both data and Hot Key leads in the past, all have been to the highest standard and Luke has never let us down. I would whole heartedly recommend Diamond to anyone looking for targeted data or high conversion Hot Keys. Jamie

I have worked with Diamond for some time now and have found them to be consistently reliable. Their professional approach and the quality of their leads makes them stand out in the lead generation industry. Instead of wasting time and money on inferior leads we have been able to focus on growing the company as effectively as possible. Will

Just to say a quick Thanks to the Team at Diamond Data Solutions. Customer Care is excellent and all the staff are very helpful and friendly. David

I've just used Diamond Data Solutions for the first time, apart from the data being very accurate it was also delivered on time, we will definitely come back! Thanks! Steve

Customer Care at Diamond Data Solutions is superb! They reply to our emails very quickly and always go the extra mile! Liam

We've been buying Hot Keys from several call centres in the past few years; however started using Diamond Data Solutions and the quality of the leads is excellent. Would like to thank our Account Manager for being so helpful and patient! Hailey

I have dealt with Luke and his staff many times. I have always received excellent customer service and excellent leads. Will use again in the future! Stef

In the past I have bought data from a lot of different people and i found that it can be very difficult to know who to trust and it's probably one the only jobs i know where the bad guys out number the good ones but I can honestly say that whenever I have dealt with Samantha who works at Diamond Data what she has said before i have bought the data has turned out to be 100% true so much so that i buy data in bulk and she sends it to me as and when I need it. Danny

Working with Luke Osborn over the past few years, he has always provided excellent levels of service. We use Luke as our primary contact for data, with a number of our clients now and they all have come back for more data. Luke service is consistently good and sets a benchmark for other data companies. No hassles, No last minute dramas. We order the data and always get it on time." Luke is a very professional person with a lots of experience and a real pleasure to do business with. We are repeat customers because the data he supplies has helped us grow the business by generating fresh sales leads" Marcel