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PPI HotKeys

With a stronghold in the lead industry, Diamond Data Solutions provide PPI Hot keys with instant results. For quick and accurate results in your PPI Business, you don't need to look any further than our PPI Hot Keys.

Low PPI Hot Keys

Delivered by live telephone transfer with Conference

  • Customer must have taken a Loan / Credit card / Mortgage in from Jan 2002 to Dec 2008 – Yes Only
  • Minimum Loan amount must be over £2000
  • Are you in Arrears or in DMA / IVA bankruptcy? - No Only
  • Do you have a loan agreement / policy number or can you obtain these? - Yes Only
  • Have you ever claimed on the PPI because you lost your job or been sick or had an accident? - No Only
  • Have you previously made a complaint for mis-selling? - No Only
  • Have you tried to claim your money back before or had your claim rejected by any other Law firm or CMC? - No Only
  • Are you happy to be transferred to an advisor now? - Yes Only
  • Maximum Age 80 years old

PPI Surveys

Hot Keyed through with no Conference

  • Do you have PPI on a loan, mortgage - Yes Only
  • Have you already made a claim for PPI - No Only
  • Would you like to make a claim for PPI - Yes Only
  • Can you confirm you are not in a DM, IVA or Bankrupt – No Only

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