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Mis-Sold Package Bank Account Hotkeys/Leads

There has been a lot of media attention given to mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) and mis-sold mortgages over the past few years. Mis-sold Bank Accounts also known as Packaged Bank Accounts is the latest thing to take the UK by storm, and something which most consumers in the UK will want to reclaim on.

A mis-sold bank account is when a customer has to pay for their banking facilities, this is usually a monthly fee of up to £25 or yearly fee.

Here at Diamond Data Solutions, we can provide you with the highest quality data and hotkey leads.


Delivered by live telephone transfer with Conference

  • Client must have a packaged bank account? Yes Only
  • Client has used a maximum of 1 benefit on the account? Yes Only
  • Must have been taken out after 2000? Yes Only
  • Must have paid fees for more than 3 years? Yes Only
  • Must not be in an IVA, DM Plan or Bankrupt? Yes Only
  • Must not have made a claim or tried to make a claim for mis-selling with another CMC or solicitors? Yes Only
  • Must have access to a statement if it’s a closed account? Yes Only
  • Can be an active account? Yes Only
  • Must have 10 minutes to discuss the claim? Yes Only

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