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Loan Data

Diamond Data Solutions provides informative and reliable loan decline data for individuals seeking loans and mortgages. We provide loan decline data for individuals who have taken out car, personal loans, home loans or for debt consolidation. This data can come with the figure of the loan applied for and you can specify the reason for the loan. So if you are a debt management company, you will want data for individuals who have applied for a loan for debt consolidation for example.

We also offer credit card declines, which produce fantastic results for secured loan companies. The possibilities are endless!

The loan data provided by Diamond Data Solutions has been phenomenal successful with IVA, debt management and trust deed companies and loan companies alike by giving fresh, detailed and up-to-date information. We can provide loan decline data and credit card declines from candidates refused loans in the below time frames:

  • 24-48 hours
  • 0-30 days
  • 1-3 months
  • 3-6 months
  • Historical loan decline data

All the information gathered for our loan declines comes from finance brokers, sub-prime lenders and on-line affiliates with a full paper trial available proving the legitimacy of the data provided.

Credit card declines come from one source a sub-prime bank.

Loan decline data is great for lending companies, consider offering competitive quotes or services consolidating individuals loans. Using loan data gives fantastic insight into consumer patterns and potential spending, for example offering a luxury holiday to individuals reaching the end of a mortgage.

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