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E-mail Broadcasting

Over half of all people that use the internet check their emails on a daily basis so email marketing is an economical and effective way of promoting your business, whether it's getting your new business name out there, promoting an event or promoting a product or service that you are offering.

There are many advantages of using email broadcasting. It's simple, cost effective and targeted.

All the artwork for the broadcast will be in HTML format. This means that you can direct more traffic to your website as well as this would be set up in a way that when the e-mail is opened and clicked on, this will direct the consumer straight to your website.

Our email database is fully opted-in with all prospects having agreed to be contacted for direct marketing campaigns.

If you have got an existing consumer database that you want to use for your broadcasting, this is something that we can do for you. We can also match your file to our existing database and look to append an email address to each of your records.

We will also provide you with in-depth and accurate reports so you know exactly how your broadcast is performing. You will be able to see how many emails have been delivered, opened and clicked on as well.

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E-mail Broadcasting


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