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Lead Generation

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Lead generation is the key to driving your business forward, we understand that, but we also understand that it is not just the quantity of the leads but rather the quality. The quality of the lead will allow your agents the best opportunity to convert these leads into money for your business.

Companies and organisations are often unable to correctly execute a good lead generation campaign; one which justifies the cost and man-hours needed to generate the leads. Most companies understand that cold calling is a very good way of generating leads but this is just not a possibility for all business which is where Diamond Data Solutions can come in.

Hotkey leads provide your business with ready-made leads generated by dedicated and experienced call centre agents. Our aim is to make everybody money and we will negotiate a price per hotkey and work to meet your expectation of quality and quantity.

To negate the stigma of unqualified leads we offer a conference facility to allow you to accept the lead knowing your requirements are met giving you the best chance at making revenue for your business, which, at the end of day is what lead generation is all about. Money.

Take a look at some of the Hotkeys we can provide: http://www.diamonddatasolutions.co.uk/lead-generation/hot-keys

  • Mis-sold Bank Accounts Hotkeys
  • Life Insurance Hotkeys
  • Debt Management Hotkeys
  • IVA
  • Trust Deed Hotkeys
  • Personal Injury Hotkeys
  • Pension Hotkeys
  • Secured Loan Hotkeys
  • Mis-sold Mortgage Hotkeys
  • PPI Hotkeys

To take advantage of these Hotkeys please contact us on info@diamonddatasolutions.co.uk