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Delayed and Cancelled Flight Hotkeys

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Everybody experiences delayed or cancelled flights, and now, after a historical and landmark court case which ruled in the favour of passengers, it has opened up the doors for travellers who have holidays or business trips hit by long flight delays to claim compensation. Until now passengers have been able to claim but had no legal standing if the airline declined. With the new backing of the law, hundreds of thousands of passengers have downloaded the online form to claim back compensation.

Compensation is £120 for inter-EU flight of 930 miles or less, £330 for flights between 930 and 1860 miles and £500 for other journeys. Passengers can also claim for any expenses you have during the delay.

With the current media attention, now is the perfect time to capitalise on this market and Diamond Data Solutions can offer you high converting, low cost hotkey leads which will help you take advantage of the influx of flight delay claims.

Diamond Data Solutions are experts at Data and Lead Generation and will assist you planning your telemarketing campaign.

With all our Hotkey Leads we offer a conference facility which allows your agents to accept the lead knowing the requirements are met giving you the best chance of making revenue for your business.

  • Claim type – Flight delayed, flight cancelled, flight re-routed, denied boarding
  • Airline
  • Access to paperwork for flight number (if known)
  • Access to paperwork for booking reference (if known)
  • Flight date
  • Number of passengers
  • Full contact details
  • Must have time to talk

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